What is Quelix?

Quelix is the best way to connect an audience to the most relevant content: it is an advanced search tool for information implemented on web portals. It helps both companies and end users find content and information in real time.

Quelix makes searching efficient by simplifying the management interface and enhances the search engines’ functions by making them easy to integrate, configure, and manage.

Quick information searching is also important within the company. Quelix is, in fact, an application that can be used by employees as a company intranet, while simplifying and streamlining the work process.

  1. An excellent “Universal Search” tool. Quelix acts as an aggregator of information from heterogeneous data sources, generating a single list of results in a few seconds.
  2. Perfectly integrated with the leading search engines, it allows you to work with on-premise servers, and in the cloud.
  3. A tailor-made product, it is optimised to meet customers’ needs. The Software-as-a-Service usage mode, combined with the Multi-Tenant infrastructure, makes Quelix a unique, highly customisable, and secure product.
  4. It is suitable for all types of companies, and is perfect for customers who want to cut infrastructure costs by reducing maintenance operations.

How does Quelix work?

Quelix is constantly updated.

The product stands out in terms of performance and new functions, thanks to constant updates of its digital libraries, and the integration with the main search engines on the market.

Functions are customisable

Quelix offers advanced crawler configurations, with a monthly and an annual scheduling, and it manages priorities and automatic update times. It is optimised for both desktop and mobile use.

Quelix is based on Machine Learning algorithms

The Entity Extractor function allows descriptive metadata for any text to be extracted automatically, improving and speeding up content identification and retrieval. The Machine Learning component enhances searching to extract relevant information based on the search context.

Automatic On-Premise and in the Cloud installation

The Infrastructure-as-Code script makes it possible to simplify the automatic installation of all the On-Premise components and of the entire infrastructure in the Cloud environment. Notably, it offers native integration for Google Cloud Platform.

With the Cloud configuration, a dashboard is available to access detailed analysis

Integration of the Data Studio board provides advanced reporting that the user can view in the form of KPIs.

Why choose Quelix?

Searching is innovation: universal, natural, and intelligent. Do you want to simplify searching for your users by exploiting the full power of the search engine? Quelix is the ideal solution!

Noovle has decades of experience in developing projects based on Google Enterprise Search (GSA).
Noovle is now introducing Quelix, a customised solution to support companies in the future of search technology. The Quelix solution uses the best technologies currently available on the market, combining traditional document searches with the new frontiers of user interaction and searching: virtual voice and text assistants.

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